District Plan

Appendix B: List of Planning Policy Guidance Notes

PPG1: General Policy and Principles (February 1997)
PPG2: Green Belts (January 1995)
PPG3: Housing (March 1992)
PPG4: Industrial and Commercial Development and Small Firms (November 1992)
PPG6: Town Centres and Retail Developments (June 1996)
PPG7: The Countryside: Environmental Quality and Economic and Social Development (February 1997)
PPG8: Telecommunications (December 1992)
PPG9: Nature Conservation (October 1994)
PPG12: Development Plans and Regional Planning Guidance (February 1992)
PPG13: Transport (March 1994) & Draft PPG 13 (October 1999)
PPG15: Planning and the Historic Environment (September 1994)
PPG16: Archaeology and Planning (November 1990)
PPG17: Sport and Recreation (September 1991)
PPG21: Tourism (November 1992)
PPG22: Renewable Energy (February 1993)
PPG23: Planning and Pollution Control (July 1994)
PPG24: Noise (September 1994)
PPG25: Development and Flood Risk (July 2001)