District Plan

Chapter 1: Introduction


1.1.1 The Stevenage District Plan Second Review, 1991 – 2011 is a complete review of the Stevenage District Plan Review, adopted in 1994. It forms part of the development plan for Stevenage, together with the Hertfordshire County Structure Plan Review, 1998, the Minerals Local Plan and the Waste Local Plan.

1.1.2 The plan needed to be reviewed to reflect the significant number of changes that have been made to the regional strategy in RPG9, the adoption of the Structure Plan Review 1998, new guidance in PPGs, the increased significance of environmental issues and the increased prominence of the development plan and the statutory requirement to produce a district wide local plan.

1.1.3 The District Plan Second Review, 1991 – 2011 has been prepared in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the Town and Country Planning (Development Plan) (England) Regulations 1999 and the pertinent government guidance in place up to adoption, where it relates to the 1990 Act and the 1999 Regulations.

1.1.4 The plan was prepared to cover the time period 1991 – 2011, in accordance with the Hertfordshire Structure Plan Review, adopted 1998.

1.1.5 However, the legislative context significantly changed shortly before the plan was adopted following the commencement of the relevant parts of the 2004 Planning and Compensation Act in September 2004. The Stevenage District Plan 2nd Review will now be a “saved plan” under this legislation. This means that the provisions in the plan will have statutory force for only three years, unless the Borough Council applies to the First Secretary of State for an extension to that period.

1.1.6 The Borough Council is preparing a local development scheme for Stevenage in 2005 and subsequently will produce a Local Development Framework to replace this local plan.


1.2.1 The District Plan is a land use planning document and it cannot include policies or proposals which are not related to the development or use of land. The text of the plan may mention issues, concerns and non land use considerations that may have been taken into account in drafting the plan. Issues which are outside the scope of the planning legislation and guidance cannot be included as specific policies or proposals.