District Plan

Index of Policies



TW1 Sustainable Development
TW2 Structural Open Space
TW3 Existing Neighbourhood Facilities
TW4 New Neighbourhood Centres
TW5 Sub Regional Role Of Stevenage
TW6 Green Belt
TW7 Local Rural Areas
TW8 Environmental Safeguards
TW9 Quality In Design
TW10 Crime Prevention
TW11 Planning Requirements


H1 Existing Commitments
H2 Strategic Housing Allocation – Stevenage West
H3 New Housing Allocations
H4 Phasing
H5 Residential Land Monitoring
H6 Loss Of Residential Accommodation
H7 Assessment Of Windfall Residential Sites
H8 Density Of Residential Development
H9 Conversions
H10 Redevelopments
H11 Dwelling Mix
H12 Special Needs Accommodation
H13 Affordable Housing Provision
H14 Benefits Of Affordability
H15 Sites For Affordable Housing


E1 Employment Floorspace Monitoring
E2 Employment Areas
E3 Employment Sites
E4 Acceptable Uses In Employment Areas
E5 Retail And Leisure Proposals In Employment Areas
E6 Unit Sizes Within Employment Areas
E7 Employment Uses Outside Employment Areas And Homeworking
E8 Building Design For Business Uses


T1 Transport Implications Of Development
T2 Alterations To The Highway Network
T3 Transport Assessment
T4 Green Travel Plans
T5 Provision Of Transport Infrastructure By Developers
T6 Design Standards
T7 Shared Space Approach
T8 Integration Of Transport Modes
T9 Passenger Transport Provision
T10 Stevenage Railway Station
T11 Rail Freight Provision
T12 Bus Provision
T13 Cycleways
T14 Pedestrians
T15 Car Parking Strategy
T16 Loss Of Residential Car Parking
T17 Residential Parking Schemes
T18 Lorry Park


TR1 Town Centre
TR2 Town Centre Development Sites
TR3 Retail Frontages
TR4 Loss Of Retail Floorspace
TR5 Retailing Outside Existing Centres
TR6 Retail Impact Study
TR7 Loss Of Office Accommodation
TR8 Protection Of Leisure, Social And Community Uses
TR9 Town Centre Car Parking
TR10 Railway Station Parking
TR11 Replacement Residential Accommodation
TR12 Residential Accommodation
TR13 Covered Walkways
TR14 New Neighbourhood Centres
TR15 New Free Standing Shops
TR16 Loss Of Free Standing Shops


EN1 Development In Conservation Areas
EN2 Demolition In Conservation Areas
EN3 Advertisements In Conservation Areas
EN4 Alterations Or Extensions To Listed Buildings
EN5 Demolition Of Listed Buildings
EN6 Changes Of Use Of Listed Buildings
EN7 Setting Of Listed Buildings
EN8 Nationally Important Archaeological Remains
EN9 Archaeology And Development
EN10 Green Links
EN11 Provision Of New And Extended Green Links
EN12 Loss Of Woodland
EN13 Trees In New Developments
EN14 Tree Preservation Orders
EN15 Ancient Lanes And Associated Hedgerows
EN16 Countryside Heritage Site
EN17 Wildlife Sites And Regionally Important Geological Sites (Rigs)
EN18 Natural Habitats In Adjoining Local Authorities
EN19 Protected Species
EN20 Development Affecting Natural Habitats
EN21 Other Sites Of Nature Conservation Importance
EN22 Natural Habitat Creation In Developments
EN23 Landscape Conservation Areas
EN24 Countryside Management
EN25 Agricultural Land
EN26 Pollution Control
EN27 Noise Pollution
EN28 Aircraft Noise
EN29 Light Pollution
EN30 Contaminated Land
EN31 Hazardous Installations
EN32 River Corridors And Water Meadows
EN33 Flood Risk And Drainage
EN34 Groundwater Protection
EN35 Water Supply And Sewerage Infrastructure
EN36 Water Conservation
EN37 Telecommunication Equipment Developments
EN38 Energy Conservation And Supply
EN39 Renewable Energy
EN40 Waste And Recycling


L1 Major Leisure Facilities In The Town Centre Inset Area
L2 Major Leisure Facilities Outside The Town Centre Inset Area
L3 Stevenage Leisure Park
L4 Loss Or Reduction Of Existing Leisure Facilities
L5 Modernisation, Enhancement Or Redevelopment Of Leisure Facilities
L6 Leisure Facilities In Neighbourhood Centres
L7 Satellite Sports Centres
L8 Dual Use Of Leisure, Social And Community Facilities
L9 Play Centres
L10 Principal Open Spaces
L11 Fairlands Valley Park
L12 Loss Of Playing Fields And Other Outdoor Sports Facilities
L13 Redundant School Playing Fields
L14 Children’s Play Space
L15 Outdoor Sports Provision In Residential Developments
L16 Children’s Play Space Provision In Residential Developments
L17 Informal Open Space Provision In Residential Developments
L18 Open Space Maintenance
L19 Loss Of Allotments
L20 New Allotment Provision
L21 Footpath, Cycleway And Bridleway Network
L22 Access To The Countryside
L23 Horse And Pony Route
L24 Tourist Facilities
L25 Hotel Provision
L26 Guest Houses
L27 Art And Development


SC1 Retention Of Social And Community Facilities
SC2 Improvement Of Social And Community Facilities
SC3 Social And Community Provision Within Neighbourhood Centres
SC4 Social, Community And Leisure Provision Sites
SC5 Social And Community Provision In New Developments
SC6 Care In The Community
SC7 Reserved School Sites
SC8 Education Provision In New Developments
SC9 Redundant School Buildings
SC10 Travellers Site
SC11 Cemetery Extension At Weston Road
SC12 Surgeries For Dentists And Doctors
SC13 Provision In Major New Developments
SC14 Nursing Homes And Residential Homes
SC15 Development At The Lister Hospital
SC16 Health Care Facility Site


OT1 Old Town High Street Area
OT2 Old Town High Street (North And South)
OT3 Redevelopment Proposals In The High Street
OT4 New Developments In The High Street
OT5 Primary Shopping Frontage
OT6 Secondary Shopping Frontages
OT7 Conversion Of Upper Floors For Residential Uses
OT8 Shop Fronts
OT9 Advertisements
OT10 Retail Development Frontages
OT11 Service Accesses Onto Primett Road And Church Lane
OT12 Redevelopment Proposals On Primett Road
OT13 Industrial Premises On Primett Road
OT14 Primett Road Car Parks
OT15 Bowling Green Transport Improvements
OT16 Loss Of Reisdential Uses
OT17 Redevelopmemt Proposals – High Street South


NC1 Large Neighbourhood Centres
NC2 Small Neighbourhood Centres
NC3 Business Units At Neighbourhood Centres
NC4 Loss Of Residential Accommodation
NC5 Conversion Of Shop Units To Residential Accommodation
NC6 Redevelopment Of The Neighbourhood Centres


SW1 Development Area
SW2 Master Plan
SW3 Panning Requirements
SW4 Design Guidance
SW5 Transport Principles
SW6 Improvements To Transport Infrastructure
SW7 Potential Use Of Existing A1(M) Crossings
SW8 Development Along Access Corridors
SW9 Replacement Of Meadway Park
SW10 Loss Of Employment Land
SW11 Natural, Semi-Natural And Historic Environment
SW12 Employment Land
SW13 Managed Small Business Units
SW14 Retail Provision
SW15 Outdoor Sports Facility Provision
SW16 Major Leisure Facilities
SW17 Allotment Provision
SW18 Social And Community Facilities
SW19 Community Centres
SW20 Surgeries And Clinics
SW21 Emergency Services
SW22 Cemetery Provision